Sometimes you make the right decision,

We are here to help you


Sometimes you make the decison right.

We are here to help you

In essence, aruvadai strives to transform highly sensitive people into highly self acualized people. Eventually it helps them to grow and evolve emotionally and behaviourally in their personal and professional lives.



To provide holistic mental health services


  1. To offer professional psychological services in different ventures by training specific population like students, parents and teachers.
  2. To conduct empirical researches on various topics

Our Team


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Counseling Pyschologist

A practicing counseling psychologist who has varied experiences in working with children and adults. She completed masters in counseling psychology . Her motivation was never ending as she also done Certificate course on current trends indevelopmental disability, advanced diploma in NLP and diploma in Montessori solution focused brief therapy, cognitive behavior therapy and dialectic behavior therapy. Through ARUVADAI she started off her career in private practice where she provided couple counseling by using therapeutic techniques.

ARUVADAI is guided by the mission to offer professional psychological services in different ventures by training specific population like students, parents and teachers. This is culminated by conducting training programs on safe touch, unsafe touch and child sexual abuse in several places such as bharathiya vidhya bhavan school, happy homes orphanage, mithra-rehab for children with disability and government schools. she had also interned with hospitals like STanley government hospital, Psymed psychiatric hospital and wisdom deaddiction centre. She is the facilitator and is willing to travel to offer the training. Initially worked as a Counseling psychologist in Mind-cafe and Student counselor in punjab associations adarsh group of schools. She was intern in psymed and wisom hospittals, YRG Care, and Nirmala sishu bhavan. the love of research has brought her a best paper award in International conference on “Parenting styles: Its influence on internet usage among young children”. Her vision is to provide holistic mental health services.


Academic qualification:
M.SC Counseling Psychology

Paper publication:
“Parenting styles: Its influence on internet usage among young children”.
" The effect of love styles on hope and marital attitude"

Counseling psychologist in Mind-cafe
Student counselor in punjab associations adarsh group of schools.

Events Conducted By Us


A Glimpse of Aruvadai- Psychological Support services in Action on 10/10/18

Every year world health organization follow a theme as part of World mental health day. Likewise, in the year of 2019 also they had formulated a theme which was on “YOUNG PEOPLE AND MENTAL HEALTH IN CHANGING WORLD. Healthy young adults are the significant contributors to the workforce, their families and communities and society as a whole. Being a responsible citizen, it is our duty to create a happy and healthy environment for the students to grow and evolve personally and professionally.

Keeping this in mind, ARUVADAI – Psychological support services had a vision to prevent mental distress and promote mental resilience for young people across the city. Through the statistics, we came to know the rate of suicides had been increased among the students from diverse backgrounds since 2014. Shockingly, Chennai ranks the top in suicides that are been involved by Young population. Considering these findings, On behalf of ARUVADAI – Psychological support services, a team of youngsters have decided to do an innovative act and that would bring out positive impact on mental well being among people all over the city. As an initiative for mental health awareness, we started to prepare posters which was carried on positive affirmation quotes connoted to suicide prevention. With the help of energetic and enthusiastic youngsters, we posted the quotes in 50 different places of chennai to public's notice where suicide has happened so far and in places that are vulnerable to invite suicidals. The places include Bridges, railway stations, Schools, Tea shops, Bus stands, Super markets, Petrol bunks, Hospitals, Residential Areas.

A step further ahead, we apporoached the people randomly and asked them how do they feel while they look at these posters in some public places. With their permission, we recorded their response in a video to create a platform for others to know the importance of mental well being. The public’s response to this event was very well recognised and appreciated. They felt that this should be done in entire state to prevent suicide among young minds. On a positive note, they suggested that talking to themselves positively and productively is a way to seek out solutions for all kinds of problems.

  • Mithra’s EXPO2K17-Talent show, Exhibition, Stalls which has been conducted for one day at Mithra-Rehab for children with disability.
  • Learning styles and its impact on academic performance was taken place for 3 hrs at bharathiya vidya bhavan school.
  • Awareness about abusive relationship, techniques for self defence and importance of family were covered elaborately for 1 day at happy homes orphanage.
  • Motivation, disability, behavior modification techniques, and coping with stress were conducted for teachers in half day at Mithra-Rehab for children with disability.
  • Learning disability and behavior modification were conducted 3 hours for teachers at government school in mylapore.
  • Motivation, disciplinary practices were taken place for 3 hours at government school in puliyanthope.
  • Safe and unsafe touch were conducted for school students from the elementary school to high school for 2 hours in different localities.

The child sexual abuse is rapidly increasing day by day across the city irrespective of age, gender, education, social and family status. More than 50% of children were being abused in india. Educating the child about sexual abuse by differentiating safe and unsafe touch leads to ambiguity about themselves and afraid of society too. It is our responsibilty to provide safe and secure environment for young children. By holding this conviction, ARUVADAI started to educate and empower the children on safe and unsafe touch in government schools. The importance of safe and unsafe touch was conducted on government schools because most of the children are from low socio-economic status where their parents are not educated to aware of the child's problems, acknowledge and accept their child feelings too. It is again turbulence period for children to talk out their feelings openly in such situations. While doing these program, many children broke down in tears uncontrollably and somehow the facilitator and teachers made them feel comfort. It is evident that they have experienced such traumatic incidents and did not share to anyone else. We believe that “Little drops of water make the mighty ocean”. Through our training programs we would like to bring awareness about how to be more confident and courageous to protect themselves from the dangerous sitations. Prevention of child sexual abuse begins with 3 A’S:

  1. Aware of their potentials and inner guidance
  2. Accept their problems
  3. Affirm themselves to bring out positive impact on their self